Projects Case Study

Spacecraft Camera Casing

Job Requirements 

  • Client required reverse engineered design of concept.

  • Design completed in-house and signed off by client.

  • Prototype manufactured using various materials and coatings.
  • Final sign off received and manufacture completed.

Star Wheel

Job Requirements 

  • An empty tub enters the starwheel it rotates which moves the tub to the filling station

  • The tub is filled

  • Tub rotates once more to the capping station to get capped.

  • The tub is pushed out of the starwheel as it indexes once more to end the cycle.

Job Requirements 

Vile Transport Tray

  • This was a very time-sensitive job
  • Machines Were running day and night
  • 5 tonnes of material procured within 2 days
  • Manufactured in an extremely short timeframe
  • The component had to withstand temperature ranges from -80 to 20 degrees