CNC Machining


What We Offer

We offer high end 3,4 and 5 axis milling as well as multiple types of turning operations. We Don’t just machine a drawing once we receive it (if we have not supplied the drawing) we ask questions like how we can make this part better, cheaper or both we see a lot of unnecessary geometry like small radii or sharp corners where they are not always needed however we realise that sometimes they are, but we will always take the time to understand the application

Not only do we use CNC machines, but we often chose to do one-off jobs or prototyping using manual milling machines and lathes we do this as the designer can see the parts evolve in front of their eyes and this can be very useful in prototyping operations.

Main Stages of CNC Machining

Create a digital file of the desired part using appropriate software: CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing). This file determines the dimensions and geometry of the finished part.
Connect the CNC machine to the computer: the input file controls the milling machine automatically.

Place the block of material on the machine, held in place using clamping.

Leave the milling machine to operate, which will cut the desired part from the material.
Remove the part and insert a new block if necessary.

Finishing operation (polishing, coating… etc.)