Prototype + 3D Print


What We Offer

Our prototyping offering is a key stage within each project process allowing our clients to examine the layout and technicalities of each precision engineered part prior to manufacture. Our clients value this stage of the process as an added layer of assurance to ensure that their vision is captured effectively prior to manufacture. Our state-of-the-art 3D Printing capabilities allow for our prototyping offerings to be in the hands of our clients within a number of hours from initial consultation to show what the finished part will look like. Our clients value this stage of the process as any necessary consultation and or amendments can be made at this stage. Our black onyx material used within our 3D Printing process is also utilised across a broad range of industries as workable parts allowing clients to further integrate unique forms of manufacturing and allow for further lean processes.

​Design & Proof of Concept

with clients

Initial Prototype & Discussion

Final Design 

Client sign off

Component manufacturing